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Ruxum – Wearable for Senior Citizens in India / Pendant for Seniors


8,999.00₹  5,999.00(29 % OFF )

About Ruxum

Ruxum smart necklace is supported by Ruxum app on both Android and iOS platforms, Ruxum website, and Ruxum communication channels.
Ruxum may be purchased in Rs with a billing address in India through the Razorpay payment gateway with access to all popular wallets in India, Indian credit cards, and UPI. A sale in Rs attracts standard GST charges. Ruxum may also be purchased in USD through Paypal with a billing address outside India. The USD price is inclusive of shipping, taxes, and fees we have to pay for a cross-border transaction. In the end, you pay almost the same total price whether it is in Rs or in USD.

Ruxum is only shipped to India at this time.


The package contains the product and all the accessories you will need to use the product:

  • 1 x Ruxum pendant with silver plated jewellery chain
  • 1 x extra silver plated jewellery chain
  • 1 x charging cable
  • quick setup guide

Service Fees (waived for now)

  • At this time, we are waiving monthly service fees until the end of June 2023.
  • Service will typically cost about Rs 85 per month (Rs 1000 per year) for emergency use only.
  • Wellness monitoring and reporting will cost about Rs 200-250 per month.
  • It is mandatory for users (seniors and Ruxshaks) to download the app and sign in.

VIP Setup (coming soon)

We understand that to fully use the many features offered by this product, some setup in the app is required. And that can get daunting for many seniors if they don’t have help from others. So, in the near future, we will offer an optional fee-based VIP setup service to remotely set up the device and service before shipping the device to the senior, thereby reducing the actions required from the senior.


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“After learning about Ruxum, I believe that all children should purchase one for their parents. For them, it may be a matter of life and death. With this product, you can be assured that someone will be there for your loved ones in their time of need.Kudos to Ruxum!!”
A kin of a senior citizen in a Tier-1 city in India
September 22, 2022
“My mom has leg disabilities and she struggles with the steps in the washroom every single time. The peace of mind that I now have knowing that my mom is secure at home while I am at work is all thanks to Ruxum. A wonderful name for a very practical usage for elderly people”
September 26, 2022

With Ruxum you are never alone!


Ruxum’s battery may be out of charge. Please charge Ruxum.

Use the cable provided in the box under the foam.  The cable will attach magnetically to Ruxum. Attach the other end to the USB port on a laptop or a normal phone charger. If you have lost the cable, you can buy a new one from the website.

One of the chains is already attached to the Ruxum pendant. The other chain is given for you to use if the first chain breaks.

The preferred way to wear Ruxum is as a necklace pendant. Other ways include T-shirt pocket.

With all functions enabled and with full use, the battery will last 1 week on a full charge. 

When you connect Ruxum to a USB power source using the charging cable provided, the green light will first light up. When the battery is fully charged, the colour will change from green to blue. It usually takes 1 hour to charge the battery from zero charge. It may take more time if the weather is too hot (more than 30°C) or too cold (less than 10°C) or if Ruxum is placed in direct sunlight.

If you press the button, you will hear a buzz at the very least. If you pressed the button for a long time, then it indicates to Ruxum that you are seeking help. In that case, Ruxum will buzz and show blinking red and blue lights. When a connection is made to an app, the lights will stay on continuously indicating that the app is calling for help on the user’s behalf.

When you need help physically, just press the button on Ruxum for 3 seconds and relax! Your request will go as notifications over various channels to your “helpers”. If you need technical help with the product or app, just go to the Customer Service screen in the app from the side menu.

Buzzing is Ruxum’s way of getting your attention. There are 3 reasons: 1) It detected you have fallen 2) You have pressed the panic button 3) A lost device was located using the Locate feature in the app.

Of course, you should! Ruxum is waterproof. Many seniors fall or need help while in the bathroom.

Absolutely. It is compliant with globally accepted emissions standards.

Ruxum will not interfere with your pacemaker because the frequency of operation of Ruxum is 2.4GHz and that of the pacemaker is less than 100Hz. But just to be sure, please write to us at about the specific pacemaker make and model you use and we will confirm.

Do I Qualify for Ruxum?

Do you live alone or are alone in your house for some time in the day?