Securing the lives of our senior citizens

Securing the lives of our senior citizens

Given the busy lifestyles we live today, it is very likely that many of us have parents who have to live alone either all or part of the time. Recent years have witnessed a rapid global rise in the older population. Currently, one in 10 people worldwide are aged 60 years and over, and by 2050, it is estimated that one in five people will fall under this category.

Elderly parents encounter emergencies from time to time where immediate medical help is required. When elderly parents live by themselves, it can be tough to get timely help. Moreover, they may not be taking good care of themselves.

So, how do you then watch over them without actually physically being with them?

This is where digital technologies in smart wearable devices like Ruxum are increasingly playing a key role to support health monitoring, well-being, and independence of the seniors. These technologies have paved the way for new solutions to effectively assist, monitor, and track their health.

The monitoring systems in the wearables stay with your senior loved ones and watch over them. They provide several advantages by facilitating continuous remote monitoring, informing caregivers about abnormal changes, and helping in the early detection and management of health conditions. In short, they can keep track of the seniors wherever they are so that you can rest assured that they are safe and sound.

Some wearables in the Indian market can track physical activities, provide emergency alerts and even help in fall prevention. They also provide constant monitoring of vital health signs.

A stellar wearable device is Ruxum which combines emergency service alerts with wellness monitoring and medication reminders. Ruxum is designed for senior citizens in India who live alone permanently or temporarily. The device offers much-needed peace of mind to both senior citizens as well as their children.

When senior citizens require help, their emergency contacts (referred to as Ruxshaks) are immediately alerted and notified at the press of a button. This is done through app-based notifications, SMS and WhatsApp messages.

How Ruxum helps:

Ruxum offers an integrated and comprehensive approach when it comes to senior citizen safety by Handling Medical Emergencies, Wellness Monitoring & Reporting and Sending Reminders.

Ruxum’s Always-on Auto fall detection feature senses if a senior citizen has had a soft or hard fall. It then triggers an emergency alert even if the user has become unconscious as a result of the fall. The device uses an AI-trained algorithm. Once the Ruxshaks arrive for help, they are guided through the medical protocol to be followed.

Ruxum also comes with a panic alert feature that can be activated by pressing the button on the device for more than three seconds. The warning is then transmitted to designated Ruxshaks by app-based push notifications, WhatsApp, and SMS. All of the features in Ruxum can be customized in the Ruxum Mobile App.

Wellness Monitoring is another superlative feature that Ruxum offers. Many problems show up right at the start through Ruxum’s Wellness Monitoring System. Ruxum, paired with the Mobile App allows senior citizens to monitor and track their own vitals including breathing patterns, rest schedule, steps monitoring, body posture etc.

Ruxum also helps Health Reporting where wellness parameters monitored are presented in the form of insightful reports, which the Ruxshaks can leverage to arrive at proper decisions.


While you can sense how things are when you talk with the seniors in your life, it is not always easy to visit considering your own commitments or even travel considerations . The best you can do is ensure that they have access to professional services, proper care, and emergency facilities. There’s a high chance that something could still happen without your knowledge that involves an emergency that may or may not be preventable. Wearable devices like Ruxum can ensure that your loved ones are never alone!

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